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Excavation includes site clearing and stumping, erosion controls, digging for foundation and footings, building pad preparation, grading, trenching for utilities, public water and sewer installation, driveway installation, landscaping, retaining walls, stormwater management, and temporary roads for construction.  We do all of this and more.  

Before a project begins, Toby Barkman Excavating reviews the site plan and visits the property to evaluate soil types, land slopes, underground utilities and water lines, property boundaries, storm water management, and construction run-off issues that may impact neighbors and wildlife.  The excavation information goes into a staging plan that includes time, labor, and machinery.  Additional information could consist of permits costs and regulations. 


We want you to know what to expect.  Count on us to thoughtfully go over the staging plan. 


Site Clearing & Stumping 


The excavation crew will install silt fencing to prevent run-off onto neighboring properties and waterways. The topsoil will be stripped off and stock piled for reuse.  All stumps will be removed and hauled away to a recycling facility.


Note: Demolition may be required to remove existing structures.  All demolition work will be performed and removed to an approved recycling and disposal facilities.



Foundation & Footing Excavating


Setting the foundation grades is a critical step in the construction process.  It is often set incorrectly.   We will review the engineering plans with the builder and customer and confirm or adjust the grades prior to construction.  All footings will be excavated to a minimum of 42” deep for frost protection.  The sub grade will also be excavated to firm soil or compacted as required.  At this time it is ready for the foundation to be constructed.


Slab Preparation & Footing Drains


Stone will be place in the foundation in preparation for concrete floors.  All stone will be leveled in place.  All utilities that will need to be under the concrete floor would be installed at this time.



Building Pad Preparation 


When the foundation is completed and all waterproofing is in place, it is time for backfill. Rough grades will be established with attention to positive drainage, storm water management, and soil erosion.  Finally, the soil gets compacted to its fullest strength to receive the building slab.



Storm Water Management


After the foundation is in place, all storm water management structures can be installed. They include all leader drains, storm water basins, drywells, underground detention systems, water quality structures and swales.



Driveway & Finish Grade 


Near the end of construction all topsoil will be re-spread.  Driveway and sidewalks will be prepared for concrete or asphalt.  ​

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